DJ E Entertainment will promote & entertain the crowd!


DJ E has been entertaining clients for years in many different places all over SC, and he will bring you quality sound and a great experience to remember for a lifetime. You will be provided with afforable entertainment without compromising quality or service.  DJ E will make each event fun and memorable and I specialize in any kind of Dance Nights, Karaoke, Theme Dance parties like the 70's, 80's night & Top 40 dancing, or some of The Shag (the SC State Dance), Beach Music.  I am a mobile DJ meaning I bring the party to you.  I am like a portable jukebox able to play or mix any tune and entertain to get the party rolling.

Let this full time DJ bring your next party ALIVE!!!

All Kinds of music for All Kinds of people.



DJ E will only use professional audio equipment with a duplicate back up system.   Your special day is much too important.  You are paying for my professionalism and quality, so therefore, only top quality state of the art components are used.  Plus  my interaction with the crowd.


DJ E Entertainment is insured up to $1,000,000 in liability.



Welcome all!  Thanks for considering to use DJ E for your party needs such as your weddings, private parties, theme dance nights like Top 40 Dancing, College Hip-Hop Dance Night, 70's, 80's, Beach & Shag Dances, as well as karaoke.  I am very reasonable & responsible always catering to your needs and try to bring smiles to every face at every event I host. 

Stay attentive to karaoke quality in any size room and different vocals from each person, always adjusting music and vocals for the best quality sound.


I play weekly gigs in and around Charleston, SC and I am willing to travel distances for parties and venues needing my services.  I always give 110% to every show and have a diverse and vast library of karaoke and music in many generes like Hip Hop & new Top 40.  Wireless microphones for karaoke, and I am told my sound system is very good.


 Planning Your Event

DJ E can provide music of your choice or just set the pace with the crowd.  I can help you with planning ideas, and your event will be pleasantly remembered for a long time.  I will make suggestions for party ideas that have worked in my past experiences for weddings or any party.



DJ E will DJ any fun event such as anniversaries, dance and karaoke parties, birthdays, high school class reunions, weddings, prom nights, boat cruises, graduation parties, company events, school functions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, house parties, engagement parties....



Top 40, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60's, 50s, Country, Shag Dancing, Beach Music, Disco, Alternative 90s, Hip Hop Rap.


DJ E accepts cash or checks.


My goal is to always produce the best sound possible in dance parties or karaoke/dance nights, never missing a beat.  Make everyone forget about all of their worries, and bring happiness to their lives.  I always approach a show by viewing the crowd, and playing to them.  All Dance music is carefully monitored so the volume & sound imaging perfect.  I am a dancer, and promote dancing of all styles including line dancing in my shows.


"DJ E played on the beach, and the mixture of karaoke and dance was awesome.  His shag dance and disco dance parties are great too.  I could tell he puts alot into a show, and I have followed him for years and each show is amazing." -- Tammy F, Mount Pleasant, SC

"DJ E is my favorite DJ in the area.  I have seen many DJ's and KJ's in the past, and he is my favorite one.  He always takes the time to listen for clear vocals and makes my singing in karaoke sound the best it can by fine tuning his top equipment and he gets me up many times to sing and doesn't use a time clock." -- Robin, Charleston, SC

"I’m from Las Vegas and have seen many DJ’s in my hometown. DJ E is on a whole other level! On a recent trip to South Carolina, I was lucky enough to catch one of his shows at an Applebee’s and it was one of the highlights of my vacation! DJ E had the party going and was so fun & friendly, he even got my best friend up singing karaoke—something she’d swear she’d never do. DJ E provided a fantastic night of fun and music and definitely gave me and my friends an experience to remember while visiting Charleston! When we return to Charleston again, we’ll be sure to catch a DJ E show! Thanks, DJ E!” –Sarah, Las Vegas, NV

I was immediately impressed with the quality of his sound system which is a major plus to hearing yourself and to know the music and vocals are well balanced for the audience as well.  Having sung regularly in other spots for several years now, I was especially amazed at the variety of songs DJ E has to offer and not just one but several recordings of most all songs for karaoke.  This is unique as there are many versions out there where the backing music is not as good as the original recordings.  Also, I have seen an increase in the audience at various venues he plays because of his quality, professionalism, and great personality DJ E brings to a show.  I would recommend him to play at any party, wedding or venue.   Ralph L. from Mt Pleasant, SC


Charleston, SC | (843) 532-6221,, Dje Charleston SC on Facebook 

 Ask for DJ E & allow DJ E Entertainment to get your next party going!!!