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 Karaoke is Fun

DJ E Entertainment provides a diverse and extensive karaoke song selection in Charleston, SC.  We have a large variety of dance music to keep the night alive!  DJ E Entertainment offers friendly, courteous service and will do their best to promote your bar or business.  DJ E has a fair rotation system so everyone has a chance to sing in a timely manner.  It's not about who is the best singer, it's about everyone having a turn and everyone having fun as well as not disturbing the people in a restaurant not singing or dancing.


Great for all ages

Young and old people make it a night to remember.  People like to show off infront of their friends on the microphones and I encourage everyone to sing that wants too. 


Dancing keeps the night alive

Between singers, I always play upbeat continuous music, line dancing, and even slow jams if the mood arises.  Keep the beat alive through out the show, and the popular music gives everyone, even those not singing, a chance to enjoy part of my show. 


DJ E's summary -

- take requests seriously both to sing, listen to & dance and I play them for you ASAP. 

- Build up any venue needing more business, and most venue events are 4 hrs. 

- will always work with the client's budget for each and every event. 

- pay close attention to quality in sound, volume, and vocals at each event.

- keep building up my media library for karaoke & dance music to stay current and up to date.

- use top software's to always stay competitive in the industry.